(1) Infrastructure, (2) Career Guidance and (3) Tutorial Group.
1. Smart rooms with multimedia.
2. Wi-Fi Campus.
3. Virtual Class rooms.
4. e-Library (Established in 2014 in the meaning of___________ by NRI Dr. Sushil Jain (Canada)
5. Agriculture Farm – Equipped with modern implements, tractor.
6. Music Department – Music instruments- Audio-Video Casettes CDs/DVDs Recording Room/Centre and Music Hall.
7. Research Lab in Chemistry Department (under DST-FIST program worth Rs. 50 Lac)
8. Sports – Equipped with IR
9. Gymnasium Hall
10. Swimming Pool
11. Open Air Theatre
12. NCC & NSS Wing
13. Astro-Turf:
     A. Cricket Ground
     B. Hockey Ground
     C. Volley Ball Ground
     D. Basket Ball Ground
     E. Lawn Tennis Ground
     F. Kabaddi Ground
     G. Badminton Ground
     H. Ground for Yoga Classes
     I. PG Department – Economics and Punjabi
     J. Agriculture Department – under Construction RUSA
     K. Supportive Infrastructure –
14. Boys Hostel (60 Students)
15. Hostel Warden’s Residence
16. Principal Residence
17. Gurudwara Sahib
18. Canteen
19. Generator Set
20. CCTV Cameras